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Our Neck Joint Service can help you to create visually stunning product images, fashion photography, and other creative photos by seamlessly joining different images. Learn more about our service and how it can benefit your business.

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What is Neck Joint Service?

Neck Joint Service, also known as ghost mannequin service, is a photo editing technique that involves removing the mannequin or model from an image and joining different photos to create a seamless visual effect. This technique is commonly used in product and fashion photography to showcase a product's features and details without distractions.

Why is Pixmango The Best Neck Joint Service Provider?

Pixmango offers the best neck joint service available in the market. Our team of experienced graphic designers understands the importance of product images for e-commerce businesses and knows how to make them stand out.

We believe in delivering quality work to our clients and ensuring their satisfaction. Our neck joint service provides seamless editing, making the final image look like it was shot in one go. We take great care in maintaining the natural look of the product while removing any distractions that may take away from its beauty.

Choose Pixmango for your neck joint needs and experience the difference. We guarantee that our service will help your products stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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Neck Joint

The neck joint technique involves combining two or more images to remove the mannequin or model and create the illusion of an invisible body. The result is a clear view of the clothing item, highlighting its shape, details, and fit. By removing distractions, such as mannequins or models, the focus is solely on the garment itself.

For e-commerce businesses, neck joint is essential in creating high-quality product images. By presenting garments in this manner, customers can better visualize how the clothing item will look when worn. This technique helps to provide a comprehensive view, including the front, back, and detailed shots of the garment, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

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3D Mannequin Effect

Our 3D Mannequin Effect service is the perfect solution for businesses that want to showcase their products uniquely and visually stunningly. This technique combines multiple product images to create a 3D representation, giving the impression of a mannequin wearing the item. With our expertise in the field, we can produce high-quality photos that will make your products stand out from the competition. Some key points include the following:

  • Creates a 3D mannequin effect for product images
  • It makes products look more visually appealing and professional
  • It can be used for a variety of industries, including fashion, jewelry, and more

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Cloth Enhancement

Cloth enhancement involves enhancing various aspects of garment images to make them more visually appealing and enticing. This technique allows for improvements in color vibrancy, fabric texture, and overall presentation, ensuring that the clothing stands out and captivates the viewer's attention.

One aspect of cloth enhancement is enhancing the color of garments. Through careful adjustments, the colors can be made more vibrant and true to life, enhancing the visual appeal and ensuring accurate representation. This technique is particularly valuable when showcasing a diverse range of clothing options, as it allows customers to visualize the garments in their desired colors accurately.

Who Needs Neck Joint Service?

Product photography is a critical element of e-commerce, and it's essential to get it right. A poorly taken photograph can significantly reduce a product's appeal and fail to capture the attention of potential customers. crop and resize image is an excellent solution for e-commerce businesses that want to improve their product photography and increase sales.

Many businesses are using crop and resize image services for their product images. This service is commonly used for clothing, shoes, and other apparel. It can also be applied to jewelry, electronics, and furniture. Any product that requires a clear view from multiple angles can benefit from this service.

How does Neck Joint Service Work?

Our crop and resize image involves a simple process that includes the following steps:

Benefits of Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is a popular image editing technique used to create product images that stand out in e-commerce. This service has numerous benefits, and in this article, we will explore some of them.

How it works

Pixmango.com is an online platform where you can create stunning graphic designs for various purposes, such as social media posts, marketing materials, business cards, and much more. So, let’s go through how it works:


Upload Your Photo

To get started, simply upload the photo that you want to edit. You can do this by clicking on the "Upload" button on the home page and selecting the photo from your computer or device.


Select the Editing Service You Need

Once your photo has been uploaded, you can choose the editing service that you need. The services available on pixmango.com include color correction, photo retouching, image restoration, and more.


Submit Your Order

After selecting the editing service that you need, you can submit your order by providing any additional instructions or specifications for the editing. You will also need to provide your contact information and payment details.


Receive Your Edited Photo

Once your order has been processed and completed, you will receive your edited photo via email or download link, depending on your preference. You can then review the edited photo and request revisions or changes if necessary.


Download and Use Your Edited Photo

After reviewing and approving your edited photo, you can download and use it for your intended purpose, whether that be for personal or commercial use.


Neck Joint is ideal for any business that wants to showcase their products, such as fashion retailers, online stores, and e-commerce businesses.

Neck Joint can be used on any type of image that features clothing or products, such as shirts, jackets, dresses, bags, and more.

The time it takes to complete a Neck Joint project depends on the number of images you need to be edited and the complexity of the project. However, we typically complete projects within 24 to 48 hours.

We accept all common image file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

You can submit your photos for Joint Neck Service by uploading them to our website or sending them to us via email. We accept most file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and RAW.

Yes, we take the security of your information and photos very seriously. We use the latest encryption technologies to ensure your data is protected, and we never share your information with third parties.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, including Joint Neck Service. If you're not satisfied with the results, we'll work with you to make it right or offer a full refund.

Joint Neck Service is a great way to make your product photos look more professional and appealing. By removing the mannequin or human model, your customers can focus solely on the product itself, which can lead to more sales.